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Technology solutions & Prototyping :


Prototyping has a great significance for the early movers and entrants in new technologies and business segments. Most importantly it helps in innovation and creating unique products and solutions. It is generally not a very good idea for any organisation to invest in hiring dedicated resources for just developing prototypes. On the other hand finding adequate skillsets within the functional workforce and then allocating them specifically for a prototype development may be quite a challenge for any organisation. Lastly even if the internal resources are available to work on a prototype development due consultancy may be required for proper guidance, inputs and review of the work done.

Saltriver has the advantage of offering very cost effective and result oriented services for both prototype development and prototype consulting.

As such we at Saltriver have the capability to provide prototyping services in a wide number of technologies and verticals but we mainly focus on the following areas :

  • Embedded solutions.
  • Enterprise Software Platforms.
  • Telecom & Wireless VAS Solutions.
  • Mobile Applications
  • Tracking & Surveillance solutions.
  • Industrial and Office Automation.
  • Process Automation.
  • m-Commerce platforms.
  • e-Governance platforms.
  • Technology prototype solutions.

Having named a few verticals above we confidently undertake and deliver services to our clients from a huge matrix of industries and business segments.

Saltriver has undertaken many prototyping projects in the past and has delivered expected results contributing significantly to the endeavors of its clients. The team at Saltriver is committed to the goal of making every prototype development a success model and a breakthrough initiative for its clients. To make the whole proposition most profitable for our clients we extend unmatched service and support to any such project, as we believe in achieving technology breakthroughs and creating noticeable inrows in different business segments and industries. Our cost effective commercial models and clear will to contribute to such initiatives, backed with our relationship based service approach helps our clients to identify us as their trusted partners in this field.
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