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New News and Events:

January 2014:
Saltriver launches Body Mask Index(Height and Weight)
Measurement Machine.
November 2013:
Saltriver launches Automated WeighBridge Management System.
January 2013:
Saltriver launches Automated Security Guard Recruitment System.
April 2012:
Saltriver launches ShopGuard System.
January 2011:
Saltriver to launches Digital Signage Solution soon.
October 2010:
Saltriver launches Mobile based Autodialer solution on Symbian phones
September 2010:
Saltriver to launches Mobile based Meter Reading System shortly
March 2010:
Saltriver launches Server Room Monitoring System
November 2009:
Saltriver commenced Automatic Driver Testing System successfully for GSRTC.
July 2009:
Saltriver to launch its Pipe Line Management Solution in Middle East Asia, African and South East Asia.
July 2009:
Saltriver to start marketing 3G routers and 3G based solutions in India. Saltriver has tied up with a Tiwan based company for the same.
June 2009:
Ahmedabad Police used mReporter for Live Monitoring of events at Jagarnath Rath yatra.
May 2009:
Saltriver implements a RFID card based Water dispensing system for a NGO in Gujarat for purified water distributions across Rural India.
April 2009:
Election commission used mReporter for live coverage of events at sensitive booths in Godhra, Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar in Loksabha Elections 2009.
Mar 2009:
Saltriver participates in Convergence India Exhibition at Pragati maidan, New Delhi ( 18-20th March).
Mar 2009:
Saltriver launches IVR and SMS based Time Attendance solution in its Gate-Plus product.
Feb 2009:
Saltriver participates at Industrial Expo at Chandigarh.
Feb 2009:
Saltriver launches RFID based File Tracker and File Logger system.
Jan 2009:
Saltriver awarded the Most Innovative Product at SITA 2009 for its M2M product.
Jan 2009:
Saltriver participates at SITA 2009 at Surat.
Dec 2008:
Saltriver participates at ACMA IT Show at Ahmedabad.
Dec 2008:
Saltriver launches Digital Alarm System for Home and Office users with sensors like LPG, Smoke, Fire, Power detection.
Nov 2008:
Saltriver launches Screen Recorder Product which allows to monitor the desktop screen of different user on web using
Oct 2008:
Saltriver launches GPS based Announcement System for Next Station information
Sept 2008:
Saltriver commissions GPS based Next Station Display Board in Karnavati Express, Indian Railways using Location Trackers Passenger Information System.
Aug 2008:
Saltriver launches Bulk Email Marketing Solution using its UMS product.
July 2008:
Saltriver launches iReporter which allows to have live images recorded on from any PC with webcam and iReporter software.
June 2008:
Saltriver launches M2M product range which allows to control and monitor digital and analog interfaces through Mobile/SMS.
May 2008:
Saltriver Implements RFID based Diesel Tracking/Management System at JMC Projects.
Mar 2008:
Torrent Power launches Power Alert using Saltriver Cellapps product for Bill and Payment alerts to its customers.
Feb 2008:
Saltriver enables Mobile Cash Van tracking for SBI Indore using Saltriver Location Tracker product.
Jan 2008:
Saltriver to launch SMART BUS Solution. The beta implementation of the same is undertaken in an upcoming Travel firm
Dec 2007:
Saltriver implements USB data alert system at INS Valsura ( Indian Navy)
Sept 2007:
Saltriver Infosystems launches Wireless Bill Boards. The Bill Board can display dynamic content being sent to these board via SMS.
August 2007:
Saltriver Infosystems to offer CellGuard on Spice Telecom Network
June 2007:
Saltriver Infosystems launches MCameraApps( The solution is based on Mobile phone camera and allows to realtime stream images on web. This can be easily integrated to anyone website or blog site. The other applications includes catalog publishing, for reporting and other areas.
May 2007:
Saltriver Infosystems launches Barcode and RFID enabled Asset Tracking Soluton. The solutions allows to calculate depreciation and maintain complete information about your assets which may be located across locations. The solution covers fixed and digital assets.
April 2007:
Saltriver Infosystems launches LALU ( Location Alert to Let You Sleep ) for Passengers. The Mobile based product alerts the passengers before before arriving to any station.
March 2007:
Saltriver Infosystems announces the re-launch for MailOnPhone.Com starting from April 2007 and with its launch, the service will provide paging facility to any mobile user across India.
January 2007:
Saltriver Infosystems to provide SMS based bus timing system for GSRTC which will allow the commuters to know the bus timings by sending a SMS from their mobile phones.
December 2006:
Saltriver Infosystems have developed the remote vending machine monitoring system for Coca Cola.
September 2006:
Saltriver Infosystems launches the Cell Guard software which is helps in tracking your mobile phone (Windows 2005 Version), in case it is lost or stolen.
July 2006:
Saltriver Infosystems launches Cell Guard software which act as your mobile security guard. It helps in tracking your mobile phone, in case it is lost or stolen.
June 2006:
Saltriver Infosystems launches Field Force Location Tracking Solution. The solution works on Symbian second edition Mobile Phone. The software updates the field force position at periodic interval and detail log can be seen on the website of

February 2006:
Saltriver Infosystems files the patent application for Location Base Service Solution.

January 2006:
Saltriver Infosystems launches First mobile Commerce Solution.

January 2006:
Saltriver Infosystems launches UMS 4.0

December 2005:
Saltriver Infosystems launches Mobile Switch.

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