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Services :

Our Service Identity :

We believe in extending our wide array of products and solutions as a service offering with the best possible standards and commitments. Besides our pool of products and solutions we also provide a range of key services in the space of ICTE (Information & Communication Technology and Electronics)

Our service offerings are highlighted by some key aspects like :
  • Flexible and Instant delivery models
  • Sound commitments and Cost effective commercials
  • Best possible customer support at all levels
  • Transparent and Collaborative Relations
Website Development

Saltriver has a sound web development team that can develop both technically rich and user friendly web portals for any kind of organization or business activities. Generally portal development is focused at a specific objective and can be categorize ....

Information, Communication & Electronics Technologies (ICET)

Information, Communication & Electronics Technologies (ICET) is our acronym to define our business competency. The more commonly used acronym in the IT industry being ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) is where we started our ende ..

Product Engineering Services

IT products contribute significantly to the development and growth of the IT sector in any economy. IT products also add to the brand value of an economy in the international market. At Saltriver we believe that more than the indigenous produ .

Managed IT Services
and Significance of Managed and ASP services Saltriver is strategically aligned to the importance and scope that the modern Corporate think tank offers to 'Managed Service Business Models'. Our intent has been to understand the pains experienced by ....
Embedded System Designing

Embedded systems are self-contained programs that are embedded within a piece of hardware. Whereas a regular computer has many different applications and software that can be applied to various tasks, embedded systems are usually set to a specific task that can not be altered without physically manipulating the circuitry. Another way to think of an embedded system is as a com ....

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