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System Programming :

Our Service Identity :

Saltiver has dedicated resources and necessary thought leadership in this domain and has delivered results for its clients from industries like Services, Telecom, Space science and Mobile computing using technologies like C/C++/VC++ and EVC. It has also undertaken Research development projects in the field of Image processing for the space science industry. Key features implemented Object Oriented Approach using Rational Rose to develop applications.

Implemented UPNP (Universal Plug N Play) protocol to control home appliances using Internet Gateway devices :
  • Development of COM objects, which provides Custom User interface for windows application.
  • COM objects Library for integration with Outlook and Outlook express.
  • Product development based on Plug-in architecture.
  • Programming for embedded devices.
  • Internals of offline file synchronization on Windows 2000 platform.
  • Development of Framework Library for VX Works embedded platform.
  • Development in Open GL for image processing.
Technology solutions & Prototyping

Prototyping has a great significance for the early movers and entrants in new technologies and business segments. Most importantly it helps in innovation and creating unique products and solutions. It is generally not a very good idea for any organis ....

E Commerce / M Commerce Solutions

Electronic commerce has transformed the way a common man transacts for his day to day needs and services in the 21st century. Although it seems to be a sensitive and doubtful option for users initially but gradually with the advent of technological a ....

Managed IT Services
and Significance of Managed and ASP services Saltriver is strategically aligned to the importance and scope that the modern Corporate think tank offers to 'Managed Service Business Models'. Our intent has been to understand the pains experienced by ....
Information, Communication & Electronics Technologies (ICET)

Information, Communication & Electronics Technologies (ICET) is our acronym to define our business competency. The more commonly used acronym in the IT industry being ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) is where we started our ende ....

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