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Software Testing :

Software testing is an integral part of the software industry and symbolises the maturity and intent of any software development endeavor. There is no dearth of software products in the market nor is there any scarcity of software projects on offer but software testing often remains a challenge that goes unaddressed or ignored. It is thus a function that requires due focus and skill resources. Considering the high demand of software testing resources and challenges involved in setting up in-house software testing teams we at Saltriver have been focused on this aspect and have been serving our clients and the industry through our advanced software testing services. We are well equipped and positioned to provide software testing services for all types of software development projects or processes.

Our Software Testing services are delivered keeping the best interests of our customers in mind. We follow the best techniques and practices to design our testing strategies and provide our customers with an end to end service model to give them a clear view of their time and effort investments and help them with the issues identified during various levels and types of testing.

Our testing methodologies are based on the best practices followed in the industry and are designed according to the customer needs. Some of the highlights of our testing approach are:

  • High Level Design testing if required.
  • Mandatory Product Testing Strategy & Process documentation.
  • Use of logical test cases.
  • Manual and automated test cases.
  • Bug Repository and Bug fixing reports.
  • Active co-ordination and discussions with UI & development teams to ensure elimination of understanding gaps.
  • Version control alongwith bug fixing.

Our testing services include the following :
  • Unit Testing (UT)
  • Assembly/API Testing (AT)
  • System Testing (ST)
  • Sustainment Testing (SUST)
  • Regression Testing (RT)
  • Sanity Testing (ST)
  • Integrated System Testing (IST)
  • Performance Testing (PT)
  • Operational Testing (OT)
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Deployment Testing (DT)

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