The System allows users to pull any information or give an input choice just by making a Missed Call. The system includes a special GSM unit that can be connected via TCP/IP and web-based software. The system records the details of all the missed calls (number and time) The system provides the facility to automatically send SMS to users based on the number on which the call was made.

How It Works

The GSM Modem is configured with the IP details of the server where software is running. The GSM Modem calls the server URL and updates when a missed call event occurs. The server can auto-send the SMS message to users, allow reconfiguration for some other action, and log the information in the database.


Single Hardware box solution with web-based software
Records the details of all missed calls with time and number in the database
Allows automated action like sending an email, SMS, or some information back to the user on a missed call event
The system can exchange data with other online systems using a database or Excel file


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