M2M (machine-to-machine) communication is the automated exchange of information. betwween technical end devices such as machines, vehicles, or containers, and a central control center.
M2M applications rationalize business processes by allowing machines and vendors to communicate with each other via the mobile communication network.
M2M applications basically involve two steps: 1. Data Transfer (bi-directional,measuring, controlling, regulating, Monitoring) 2. Data evaluation and process optimization
The core competency of M2M is data transfer using mobile communication technologies (GSM, GPRS, and RF).


CPU: RISC-Based Micro Controller
Memory: Non-Volatile
Power Consumption: 9 Watts @12V DC recommended
GSM Modem:900/1800MHz
Temperature Sensing Range: 0 °C to 100 °C
Humidity Sensing Range: 0 to 99 RH
Digital Output: Potential-free (DC-24V/15A, AC-250V/5A)
Digital Input: (DC-12V/3A)
Communication Interfaces: Rs-232/485 Optional
Cable Distance: RS232 up to 15 m


Dimensions: 2.20" H x 12.32 W x 9.25" D (56 H x 313 W x 235 mm D)/Optional
Display: 16 x 2 LCD Display/20 x 4 LCD Display
Power Supply: 12V DC/3A
LED-Bi-color red and green
Controlling outputs
4-Digital Outputs
Temperature Monitoring and Alert
Humidity Monitoring and Alert
Dedicated Power Failure Monitoring and Alert
Smoke and Fire Monitoring and Alert
User-configurable (PC/SMS)
Alert through Messages or External Hooter
Digital Output Scheduler
Digital Output Control through SMS or Dailing



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