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Business & Service Models :

At Saltriver we understand the importance of having effective and innovative business and service models. Although a business model is generally different than a service model we think of it as a common or related subject and view these two aspects of our business through their critical linkages. For us a business model in general is incomplete without due considerations for the service aspects and alternatively a good service model paves the way for a fruitful business model. Our healthy exposure to different industries and markets and consistent performance since our inception in the late 90's has helped us gain sound understanding of the nuances of business trends and expectations in the rapidly transforming global market and economy.

We believe in the strength of an extended enterprise environment where in we identify and value the significance of our business partners, suppliers and customers by viewing them as our extended representation in the market and also a critical resource for our business.

Some of the factors that helps us understand the importance of having correct business and service models are :

  • Realisation of Innovation : Value of innovation is realised through good business models.
  • Monetisation of invention : New technologies / products are of no economic value without an innovative business model.
  • Innovation needs to be all pervasive : Innovation is not just restricted to product engineering but needs to be visible in business and service models.
  • Repetition of ideas results in stagnation : Familiar and mundane business and service models may hamper the growth of business and bring about stagnation of profits.
  • Awareness of customers and competition : Business models lacking customer focus is a weak defense against competition and loss of opportunity.

Our Business and Service Models are designed to add visible value to our customer's business and give us a firm standing in the market. We allow our customers to share their concerns actively and go an extra mile to ensure a satisfactory response to them in return. The table below explains how we make our Business and Service Models effective :
Factors Policies
Unique Value Proposition
  • Innovative solutions and personalised services
  • Customer feeback programs
  • Cost effective solutions.
  • Flexible & multiple pricing models.
  • Quick Response Time and extended support
  • Requirement specific business proposals.
Competitive and transparent
  • Porposals with Comparative costings and benefits
  • Modular pricing and No hiddens costs.
  • Predictable future expenditure analysis.
  • Flexible & multiple pricing models.
Pre Sales Support
  • Customer education through rich product information and demonstrations
  • Online and Oniste demonstrations of products
  • Try and Buy options.
After Sales Support
  • Online and Onsite support.
  • Minimum support overheads
  • Customer centric SLAs.
Knowledge Transfer
  • Revenue sharing business models.
  • Supportive and reliable business propositions .
Collaborative options
  • Revenue sharing business models.
  • Supportive and reliable business propositions
Strategic alliances
  • Optimum business advantage through 'Extended Enterprise' approach achieved through meaningful and active business alliances.
Strategic Tie-ups

At Saltriver we believe in having meaningful strategic tie-ups with partners who put their trust in us and are interested in building a Value Chain through their association with us. As such we do not limit ourselves to any specific model for establi ....

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Government Projects

Public Sector is an important field for any IT firm. The demand seems to be always increasing from this sector and fulfillment of the same is not feasible without a major contribution from private IT firms. In a developing economy like India it i ....

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Channel Partner Options
At Saltriver we believe in the concept of Extended Enterprise and view our partners as a part of our operations. In this era of e-business and modernized approach to any form of business we believe that partnering with forward looking and resourceful .... [Read More..]
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