This model comprises a high-quality steel alloy load cell with a sturdy and attractive-looking mechanical structure and ultrasonic sensors for measuring height accurately, combined with the latest microcontroller technology.
Its light weight, ease of operation, and high efficiency. It becomes an ideal choice for hospitals, schools, physical examination centers, health clubs, gymnasiums, etc.


Power Supply: 230 volts, 50 Hz AC
Operating Temperature: 0 to 60 C
Self weight: 20kg (Approximately)
self Height: 2501cm
Microcontroller-Based Design
Display: 20*4 LCD Display
Weighing Capacity: 300 kg
Weighing Accuracy: 100 g


Automatically measures weight, height, and body mass index accurately and rapidly
Displays weight, height, and Body Mass index
Bright 20*4 LCD Display
Sleek Design
Ultrasonic-based Height Measurement
Load cell-based Weight Measurement
Derived BMI Measurement
Data Output Serial (RS232)
Data Output: TSP/IP (Optional)
u24*7 Chemist, Druggist, or Hospital
uMalls/Shopping Complex
uMultiplex/Cinema Halls
Game Zones and Theme Parks


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