Automated Weighbridge Smart Weighbridge Automation enables automatic weighing, identification, tracking, and administrative reporting operations of the carrier trucks (excavation trucks, garbage trucks, etc.). With RFID Tags on the windshields of all carrier vehicles, automatic identification operations will be 100%  consistent, eliminating operator dependence.


Security Tags affixed to the windshields cannot be exchanged between different vehicles. Higgs4 chips, recognized as the world’s best chips by independent testing organizations, are used within this system. These chips lose their function when they are removed from the windshield, have a high protection factor against UV lights, and are security-enhanced. The Distance System does not require antennas to see the tag. Even though the antenna affixed to the windshield is not seen by the antennas, it is detected within the network coverage zone. This network coverage zone can be changed from 1 to 15 meters in parallel with the requirements of the project.
Multiple Weighing The system is designed to control 10 weighbridges at the same time without any delays. The IP Camera System supports IP camera integration on each weighbridge. Each and every vehicle recording is matched with video or still images right after the weighing process on the weighbridge.
The Automatic Driver Control System detects and reads each driver's tag passing over the weighbridge and records it with video recording. This way, shift changes between drivers without permission will be kept under control.
Consistency All the data sorted via the system’s 7/24 operating process stays as reliable and consistent as the first day it was founded.
A web-based Reporting System enables authorized users to use the reporting facilities via internet browsers without the need to install any programs.
The Durability System has the structure to operate in every weather condition and adverse environmental conditions without loss of performance.


Every vehicle will have an electronic chip with an unbreakable password.
Passive RFID Hard Tags, an advanced technology solution, require no energy and work without any loss of efficiency due to their battery-free nature.
The system controls the speed of the vehicle on the weighbridge, detects the vehicle’s immobile state, and starts the weighing operation. Weighing errors during unstable situations will be eliminated.
With three camera connections, the vehicle image during the weighing process is recorded onto the database. Adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, storms, etc., adverse environmental conditions such as mud, dust, a humid environment, an acidic environment, and adverse operating conditions cannot hinder the system from operating at any time. The system is managed by a single central control system. This central control automation is designed in a modular structure and incorporates RFID control, LED routing, traffic signalization management, video recording, and an analysis module.
The user authorization option is available.
Vehicles can be instantly filtered according to many details, such as the license plates, model, color, etc., making it possible to access hundreds of different reports.
High-accuracy security rules are identified on a second range.
Truck drivers are automatically identified, and unauthorized shift changes can easily be detected.
One single application can control up to 10 weighbridges at the same time. Automatic control of 10 weighbridges on a single system was made possible in this field solely by the technology developed.
Entry-Exit information of which vehicles are driven by which personnel can be recorded.
The system can be monitored centrally, and all security rules and control definitions can be managed by the central office.
All the rules and changes appointed by the central office will be reflected at the control points in an instant.
Standard and freely definable rich reporting options are available.
Reporting operations are web-based; therefore, reporting and system management can be operated by authorized users from anywhere.
The user authorization option is available.
System report access is enabled via iPhone and iPad.


Saves labor force by eliminating the need for an operator.
Enables driver and vehicle identification with RFID technology.
Prevents unauthorized driver changes and the entry of unauthorized vehicles.
A LED screen directs the driver to the location where the vehicle should go.
Enables an unmanned, self-service weighing process.
Automated weighing terminals can be watched simultaneously.
Automated and manual weighing record transfer.
Prevents shortages or excessive loadings by providing loadings within the tolerance.
Loadings occur within the load limit; therefore, the system helps the driver not receive traffic tickets.
Reduces formalities and documentation circulations by rapid transmission of loading information.
The integration of person-vehicle identification and the weighing operations enables fast and reliable records.
Archiving and backing up records is possible.

How it Works

vehicle drives onto the weighbridge.
Reads the tare weight of the vehicle and transmits the data to the host computer.
The tag on the vehicle is automatically detected by the reader, and the vehicle identification information is displayed on the screen in an instant.
The driver tag is automatically detected, and the driver information is displayed on the screen in an instant.
RFID software controls vehicle and driver information from the list it has within.
If the vehicle and driver information are valid, the system starts the weighing process and records the results.
All weighing process and weighing over information is displayed on the LED screen for the driver.
With the camera option addition, photos of the vehicle during the weighing process will be recorded in the weighing database file.


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