The objective of this system is to standardize and automate the procedure of evaluating the driving skills of a bus driver as well as a four-wheeler driver. The subjective opinion of an examiner is eliminated by his system. The same yardstick will assess every candidate. The ability to drive a bus on different types of roads is checked.


System Requirements

Land for the testing center
Construction work of Test routes and tracks
Sensors and controllers for the automated driver test system
Software application
Computers with Printers
Server for the database
Intranet/Internet Network connection
Wireless Display Board
GPS-Based System


Special tracks with a system of sensors embedded in the tracks
Real-time data transfer to a central location
The system awards marks automatically
On completion of all tests, the results are printed and handed over to the candidate immediately
Biometric-based secure identification of the candidate
Wireless Display Board for displaying different traffic signals
GPS-based navigation system for the correct driving experience
All types of vehicles, including LMV and LCV


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