UV radiometers record the intensity of ultraviolet radiation for a specific UV wavelength (long wave, short wave, or medium wave). The intensity of UV radiation refers to the UV intensity and is measured in mW/cm2. The radiometer indicates the amount of UV energy on a surface for a specific time. The data is defined in mJ/cm2 (millijoules per square centimeter). Small and convenient, the radiometer is of modular construction with a choice of three sensors to record UV radiation in the spectral range from 254nm to 365nm. With a wide measuring range from 0.1 to 250 mW/cm2, our radiometers instantly indicate readings on a large LCD display.


Display of UV intensity in mW/cm2
Display of energy in joules per cm2 and running time
HOLD - Sets the reading at a given time
Displays min and max intensities
USB port for data output

Technical Specifications

Intensity: 0 to 250 mW/cm2
Energy: 0 to 99999 joules/cm2
Time: from 0 to 99 hours
Sensor accuracy: +/- 5%
Linearity: +/- 0.5%
Silica photocell: interference filter
Protection by a quartz disc on a cellular filter
Short Wave UV Sensor: 254 nm short-wave UV. Monochromatic bandwidth
Mid Wave UV Sensor: 312 nm medium wave UV. Bandwidth: 280 to 320 nm
Long Wave UV Sensor: 365 nm longwave UV. Bandwidth: 355 to 375 nm


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