DCMS is the product that would not only monitor and control your remote units and equipment but also send you SMS in case of alert conditions in the most effective and economical way.
The Data Center Monitoring System is an advanced yet simplified Remote Terminal Unit. Taking advantage of the reliable, widespread GSM networks, the Data Center Monitoring System becomes a remotely accessible unit from any part of the world. The inputs present on the Data Center Monitoring System can be used for monitoring external devices or connecting digital sensors. Alarm conditions can be configured for monitoring these inputs. Since the Data Center Monitoring System supports SMS protocols, such as RTU Modbus, the device can be configured to send SMS whenever alarm conditions occur. The data center monitoring system also gives you the freedom to control the states of the connected outputs. By sending a simple SMS, you can change or get the status of the outputs.

Software Requirements

Java 1.5 or higher version (Open source and licenses are not needed.)
My SQL Server 5.0 or higher and My SQL Client
Table Watcher software (send SMS)
Apache Tomcat 5.5 or higher
Acrobat Reader


Temperature Monitoring and alert
Humidity Monitoring and alerts
Power Failure Monitoring and Alert
Smoke and fire monitoring and alert
External Hooter/Buzzer Configurable Alert Server/PC Monitoring
Server/PC Port Application Monitoring
Daily Monitoring Report on a Specific Email ID (Configurable)
SNMP trap monitoring and alert
Can attach up to 8 to 16 sensors
Local and Remote Configuration
SMS Communication
Real Time Clock (RTC)
Authentication security option to allow control only through pre-defined mobile numbers
Able to check the status of the server room remotely?
Inbuilt GSM Modem
Inbuilt temperature and humidity sensor
Can be integrated into the centralized server
Multiple user messages for faults or alarms
Can be custom designed for OEM products


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